BSMART assists clients with audit functions by providing a comprehensive year-round audit procedure, which goes well beyond the routine transactions, testing the effectiveness of the control environment and risk management, process improvement, and cost control tactics. We provide auditing services in all of the below-mentioned fields.

Our Auditing Services Contain The Following:
Statutory Audit

We assist clients with Statutory Audits under the Companies Act, Banking Regulation Act, Bombay Public Trust Act, Societies Registration Act, and the Co-operative Societies Act. We undertake these Audits assuring compliances with all legal formalities.

TAX Audit

We assist clients with Tax audits under the purview of Section 44 AB of the Income Tax Act. 1961 of Proprietor, Partnership Firms, AOPs, LLP, Private Limited Companies, Limited Companies, and Banks.

GST Audit

We offer qualitative value-added services covering a comprehensive review of all GST records and our recommendations on strengthening internal controls for appropriate data entry, data recording, data analysis and data requirements for compliance.

Bank Audit

We assist clients with Statutory Audits, Concurrent Audits, Revenue Audits, Income & Expenditure Audits, ISA Audits, Stock Audits etc.

Internal Audit

We assist clients with internal audit functions, providing comprehensive, year-round audit procedure, which goes well beyond the routine transactions, testing the effectiveness of the internal control environment, risk management, process improvement, and cost control tactics.

Concurrent Audit

We provide systematic, all-year-round concurrent audit services. The results of this are seen over the long run through our continuous focused improvement points and suggestions.

Management Audit

We perform the Management audit function to provide the client’s management with a clear, comprehensive, and unbiased analysis of the operational and financial efficiency of the organization. We closely work with the management and employees of the entity to ensure we explore all untouched and missed-out areas to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of business processes.

Co-operative Audit

We conduct a detailed & scientific audit of Co-operatives as per the Cooperative Societies Act, 1912. The audits focus on the Examination of overdue debts, Valuation of Assets &liabilities, Adherence to Co-operative principles, Observations of the provisions of the Act & Rules, and Special reports to the Registrar; audit classification of the society etc.

Stock Audit

We provide Stock auditing to companies, helping them efficiently safeguard and monitor their physical assets and inventories. We follow a strict audit and reporting mechanism that ensures that every aspect of stock is evaluated and findings are reported transparently to different managerial levels concerned.

System Audit

We assist clients in establishing and complying with the Information System Auditing Standards. We help establish controls, whether there are managerial, organisational, operational or applications in IT environments.